November 6, 2011 § 4 Comments

Last Thursday I had the privilege of joining the gathered 99% at #OWS.  It was good to see so many people dedicated to standing up and speaking truth to power.  I have to write my first seminary paper soon and, right now, I’m leaning toward a critique of capitalism.  My critique: Capitalism is de-humanizing.

This is why I’m at PTS.  I want to develop the theological sight and language to help my fellow sisters and brothers of the Body of Christ dig the Church out of some of the shit we’re so deeply rooted in that we don’t even see it.  I pray that I do not forget.  I pray that I’d be given eyes to see and an eloquence to convey.

Here’s a great reflection on #OWS from a fellow seminarian who I joined on the trip to NYC (you should follow his blog!): The Kenosis: My Time Occupying Wall Street


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  • Love it. Sounds great man. Check out William Cavanaugh’s Theopolitical Imagination. Looks into the state as savior and the illusion of social contrat. Replacing the imago dei with the idea of the individual as represented by Hobbs Locke etc.

  • sokrkix5 says:

    Dude, how come our visit to OWS wasn’t like that video? Shoot, lets go again when its not rainy and cold…

    I loved the Guy Fawkes mask…

  • Pryce Thomas says:

    i’d be very interested in reading it when its done. are you going to opt/argue for another system in it? maybe you can quote ron swanson.

    “capitalsim: God’s way of determining who is smart and who is poor.”

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